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07 Aug

1.2m offset satellite dish in Canada

Posted by Roger Sanchez

For a while, after the long gone Patriot 1.1m dish, and the low cost Fortec Star 1.2m, we had to look for and find other dishes. We found the Geosat 1.2m, a Generic (our brand) dish, and the Digiwave 1.2 (very much the same as the old Fortec star)

Things went well, but then not long after, the demand for the 1.2m dish came to a hault, we had a very hard time moving the last of the Geosat 1.2m dishes, and we cut ties for our own dish. (we still have a few in stock)

So now nearly 2 years later, the demand, (although not huge) of the 1.2m dish in Canada seems to be resurfacing.

Right now we have in stock, the GeosatPro 1.2m, the Digiwave 1.2m along with our Generic dish. So Canada, we have you covered.

14 Sep

Norsat 8000 series

Posted by Roger Sanchez in End of life

Product End of Life Notification


According to our records you have purchased some or all of the following products from Norsat:

• 8100 C-band Digital DRO: 8115F/N, 8120F/N, 8125F/N
• 8200 C-band Digital DRO: 8215F/N, 8220F/N, 8225F/N, 8230 F/N
• 8200R C-band Digital DRO:8215RF/N, 8220RF/N, 8225RF/N
• 8200I C-band Digital DRO: 8220IF/N

Norsat is declaring End of Life for these products due to the discontinuation of a key component used in their manufacture.

Moving forward the 8100 series products are being replaced with the 5150 C-band PLL series. The 8200 series products are being replaced with the 5250 C-band PLL series. Please contact your Norsat Sales Representative for pricing information. You can find more details about these products on our website under the microwave LNB C-band section.

Last time buy date for the 8100 and 8200 series products is December 31, 2015.
Last time ship date is June 30, 2016.

If a warranty claim is made on one of the affected products after June 30, 2016 Norsat will reserve the right to repair the unit(s), replace the unit(s) with the same product, or replace the unit(s) with the same form and fit and similar or superior functionality.

Please note: The 8500, 8500R and 8500I C-band Digital DRO products are not affected and are not covered by this notice. The 8500 series products are still available for purchase.

09 Sep

The controller

Posted by Roger Sanchez

The controller, also referred to as the positioner. I remember using a stand alone positioner with a separate receiver. My positioner had a dial on it, I was young at the time, and the memory of dialing in birds is faint at best. So lets fast forward to the days of satellite receivers with a built in positioner, many great brands like Chaparral, Toshiba, Drake and others, had a receiver on the market that was able to move the big dish all on it’s own, this made it a much more user friendly experience, the cost was high but the value at the time was unmatched.

C-band with an LNB was the more dominant feedhorn on most big dishes. There were many dealers that recommended a c/ku-band feedhorn with LNB’s. Unfortunately, today new users who do not have an old analog, or 4dtv receiver, with a built in positioner, are stuck with low cost positioners. As a dealer, we had to choose the best of the bunch, that so far has been the V-box 7 with a heavy duty power supply from DMS International, they have been performing quite well, but this unit does not have the ability to control a servo motor, and leaves customers with a limited choice on a feed system, they must go with a C or c/ku-band lnbf.

So how does a user with an older system upgrade? Or how does a new user get the chance to wisely invest on a quality c/ku-band feedhorn like a Chaparral corrotor II plus, and maybe some top rated DRO or PLL LNB’s from a reputable brand like Norsat?

Well the time has come, the new Titanium Satellite ASC1 positioner will be available soon.