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20 Dec

Rural Canada Cellular Data Internet Products & Service Plans

Posted by Roger Sanchez

With countless years of experience working and servicing customers in Rural parts of Canada, many customers had, or still have there big dish up and running. These days, satellite tv is not the main household entertainment as it once was. Many people across Canada lack a decent ISP, for years RPS has been working on and testing products, some would fail, not work at all or would only work occasionally, and of course they would not really work well, or are not suppose to be used in Canada...


Well in 2023, this changed. RPS Satellite Inc and TUGE created a partnership, to work together and provide Canadians with another option. For many, satellite internet is costly, high upfront costs, not really portable and per month prices can sometimes be outrageous. With many people these days trying to hold on to there hard earned cash, RPS worked hard to make things affordable.


For those who have access to data on there cell phone, hot spotting your friends and family is no more! With our introduction of our own mobile routers and global internet packages that work in most parts of Canada, and in over 200 countries across the globe. You know RPS has not forgotten the people in those parts of the country that was once flourished with the big dish. Unfortunately, we don’t see many of them anymore, but our roots in many of these small towns and still in the ground. And we have not forgotten you. RPS satellite Inc, we are your connection to the world.


Check out our mini mobile internet stick, the mobile pocket, and our full fledged routers. Want the router but still want to be mobile? We have you covered,our routers also run off a battery, and we have them in stock at all times!




RPS TR-200

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