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About Us

In the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s Roger Sanchez was having a difficult time obtaining quality product for his big dish satellite system. Most products had to be brought in from the USA. At this time it was hard to find a Canadian dealer who knew anything about the big dish system, Many dealers did not keep up to date with technology, and they left the big dish behind. Roger, a true satellite enthusiast at heart, helped many people upgrade, and maintain their current system. In early 2003 Roger figured it was about time to have his own satellite system professionally upgraded and aligned. He found a company that claimed to be the pro’s. The job was done, the alignment was off, and the receivers were not set up correctly. Roger realized that he had been taken advantage of by this so called reputable dealer, who even tried to push outdated poor quality equipment at unrealistic prices for the upgrade, this is when Roger decided to take matters into his own hands. Hence RPS Satellite opened for business.

Early 2004 in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec, Canada, RPS Satellite Inc was formed, RPS started out in the residential market, and upgraded many local dishes along with setting up basic home theatre equipment. In early 2005 the demand for commercial product from a knowledgeable and reliable Canadian source was growing. RPS took the initiative, and reached out to some of the industry leading manufacturers. RPS also started supplying big dish dealers and resellers in both the residential and commercial market.

In 2006 RPS starting adding more consumer electronic products to it’s line. A need for quality cable at fair market prices was there, so once again RPS worked hard to bring this to the Canadian market. From 2007-2009 RPS added and then eliminated many products, making customer feedback and product quality a top priority. Custom a/v installation started and higher end products were added.

In 2010, the demand grew substantially over previous years from local contractors demanding quality bulk cable and installation accessories at a competitive price. RPS once again contacted industry leading manufacturers and worked with both Canadian and international distributors to make this happen.

From 2011 to 2012 RPS added many more products as customers appreciate and place their trust in RPS. Product recommendations and requests have helped RPS become a one stop shop for most of it’s client base. In late 2013 we updated our website. It’s no longer just our locals, we now offer our products to the whole world.