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09 Sep

The controller

Posted by Roger Sanchez

The controller, also referred to as the positioner. I remember using a stand alone positioner with a separate receiver. My positioner had a dial on it, I was young at the time, and the memory of dialing in birds is faint at best. So lets fast forward to the days of satellite receivers with a built in positioner, many great brands like Chaparral, Toshiba, Drake and others, had a receiver on the market that was able to move the big dish all on it’s own, this made it a much more user friendly experience, the cost was high but the value at the time was unmatched.

C-band with an LNB was the more dominant feedhorn on most big dishes. There were many dealers that recommended a c/ku-band feedhorn with LNB’s. Unfortunately, today new users who do not have an old analog, or 4dtv receiver, with a built in positioner, are stuck with low cost positioners. As a dealer, we had to choose the best of the bunch, that so far has been the V-box 7 with a heavy duty power supply from DMS International, they have been performing quite well, but this unit does not have the ability to control a servo motor, and leaves customers with a limited choice on a feed system, they must go with a C or c/ku-band lnbf.

So how does a user with an older system upgrade? Or how does a new user get the chance to wisely invest on a quality c/ku-band feedhorn like a Chaparral corrotor II plus, and maybe some top rated DRO or PLL LNB’s from a reputable brand like Norsat?

Well the time has come, the new Titanium Satellite ASC1 positioner will be available soon.



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