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Product Image Winegard CC-7870 2-Way Dual TV Antenna Coupler Joiner/Combiner

Winegard CC-7870 2-Way Dual TV Antenna Coupler Joiner/Combiner




This coupler joins two antennas to provide a much better image when compared to only having one antenna. Alongside a second antenna, this item is of great use when you are experiencing less than stellar resolution on your TV. The CC-7870 eliminates the need for a rotator, while allowing you to watch different channels from different televisions in your home.
Combine Any Two 75 Ohm Hdtv Antennas Into One Downlead With The Cc-7870. Features Low -3.5 Insertion Loss. Specialized Circuitry Optimizes Performance. The Cc-7870 Is Ac-Dc Power Passive To The Set 1 Side. Includes Three Fc-5910 Connectors.
• Winegard 2-Way TV antenna joiner coupler features 3.5 dB insertion loss to the output signal level and joins two 75 ohm leads to a 75 ohm coaxial downlead.
• The CC-7870 coupler with proper spacing joins 2 antennas that can be alternative to rotator.
• This provides you with a great quality picture that would not be attained using only one antenna.



  • 2-way coupler
  •  AC/DC passive to set 1 side
  •  Wave band: VHF
  •  UHF
  •  FM
  •  3.5 dB insertion loss
  •  Couples two 75 ohm leads from any two antennas to a 75 ohm coaxial download
  •  Join two antennas to eliminate the need of a rotator
  •  It is recommended that you run equal lengths of coax cable from each antenna to the CC-7870 to eliminate multipath and out of phase signals
  •  Always join identical antennas for the best results
  •  Weight: 0.4125 lbs.
  •  Box Contents: Coupler – Hardware - Bracket