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Product Image Wilson W5000M Black Magnetic CB Antenna

Wilson W5000M Black Magnetic CB Antenna




If magnetic CB antenna had their own Super Bowl, this is the rig that would come home with the ring. The Wilson 5000 Magnet is a convenient, reliable and best-in-class antenna, with a unique floating coil designed to withstand severe weather and endure winter icing.




  • This mag will stay put at highway speeds, an ideal choice for cars, trucks or commercial use.
  •  Rated for 5,000 watts AM and 20,000 SSB, this rig can handle serious, high-powered radios.
  •  The screw-off coil allows the antenna to separate at the coax-wired base for convenience entering low-clearance areas or for temporary antenna storage. Touchdooooown, Wilson!
  •  Outperforms all other fiberglass, base-loaded and center-loaded antennas, making it our top recommendation for best-in-class range.
  •  Ideal for running high-wattage equipment or consistent use in extreme winter conditions.
  •  All-in-one antenna includes magnet mount, 62″ whip antenna & 17′ of coax.
  •  Weight 1,497 kg
  •  Dimensions 19 × 30 × 19 cm