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Product Image Whiskey Glasses On The Rocks Set Of 2

Whiskey Glasses On The Rocks Set Of 2




  • CLASSIC TIMELESS DESIGN: The design of this whiskey glass breathes sophistication and elegance and is perfect for formal entertaining and everyday use. Each of these scotch glasses feels great in the hand and provides an exceptional grip.
  •  HEAVY AND ROBUST - At a weight of approximately 305g per glass, this heavy base whiskey glass is heavier than the average glass. They are also specifically built for maximum resistance to thermal and mechanical shock and are dishwasher safe. The rim of each glass has a diameter of 3.2'' (83 mm) and is wide enough to fit whiskey stones and large ice cubes.
  •  CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS, NOTHING LESS - Each of these sophisticated whiskey glasses is beautifully cut from the finest 100 percent lead-free crystal clear glass. As opposed to regular barware, these scotch glasses are made of high quality glass and thus have a higher refractive index which allows for spectacular light reflection and brilliance.
  •  PERFECT FOR SCOTCH, BOURBON, WHISKEY, GIN, AND MORE: Single malts or blends, neat or cocktails; you will love the perfect heft and nosing of these lustrous, sparkling highball glasses.
  •  ENDLESS POSSIBILITY: This old fashioned whiskey glass set is completely dishwasher safe and Perfect for home bars, restaurants, bachelor parties, festivities, weddings and much more.