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Product Image Sweet Creations Good Cook 3D Ornament 4-Slot Cake Pan

Sweet Creations Good Cook 3D Ornament 4-Slot Cake Pan




The 3D Holiday Ornament Cake Pan by Sweet Creations is a fun way to make sweet treats. It's easy to use and the cakes come out perfect for decorating. Unlike other 3D cooking pans, this pan really makes the finished product look 3D. Cakes will be the same proportions all the way around and is not flat on one side. This cake pan makes for fun holiday baking and decorating with the kids.
• Durable design and easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Nonstick coating, oven safe to 410oF
• Pan features four wells, each shaped like a different ornament and each one has it's own unique detailing. Fill lower cavity of pan to top with your favorite cake batter. Upper pan fits into recessed area of lower pan. To check for doneness simply stick a toothpick through ventilation hole. Remove cake overflow at the end of baking cycle prior to lifting top of pan.
• Dimensions: Depth (Imperial): 1.2"Length (Metric): 30½cm Length (Imperial): 12"Depth (Metric): 3cm Width (Imperial): 3" Width (Metric): 7.6cm
• **Includes 2 pans that align together to bake into ornament shapes.