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Product Image Sweet Creations Christmas Holiday Giftable Jar w/ 2 Cookie Cutters

Sweet Creations Christmas Holiday Giftable Jar w/ 2 Cookie Cutters




There's nothing more lovely than a homemade gift at any time of year, and this convenient plastic mason gift jar with decorative lid helps you make a little something for everyone! Whether you need a hostess present for Thanksgiving dinner, a teacher gift or a little birthday surprise for your best friend, you can whip up a delightful little take-home treat in one of these pretty jars. A plastic mason gift jar is the perfect way to give someone a homemade chicken soup starter, or a hand-crafted chocolate chip cookie mix. You can even just fill it full of colorful candies for a simple treat that any child, or grownup, would love. The doily lid and a pretty satin ribbon give this handy jar the perfect festive touch for any occasion at any time of year. Why not pick up a few, so you can have those thoughtful presents ready for whenever you need a little something to show someone your appreciation? This round plastic mason gift jar with lid is 4.5 wide by 5.25 in height.





  • 100% san plastic makes it perfect for kids; no breaking; looks like glass but is unbreakable
  •  Decorative lid says "enjoy' and is trimmed with red ribbon; bottom of jar says "fill me up"
  •  Dry ingredients stay fresh
  •  Can be cleaned and reused