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Product Image Surge F-0 Flo Series 0 AWG Complete Amp Installation Kit

Surge F-0 Flo Series 0 AWG Complete Amp Installation Kit




The Surge F-0 Flo Series 0-Gauge 5,000-Watt Amp Wiring Kit includes everything needed to correctly install a mobile audio amp. With an extra foot of power wire, pre-terminated power cables and ultra flexible wire, the Flo Series Kits are designed to perform at an optimal level. Most power cables in a 0 gauge kit have a conductor cross area of 37.44 sq mm while this one uses 53.2 sq mm for more current power to your amp. This will deliver the best quality music your electronics can deliver. The cables are made with CCA (aluminum + 10% copper) and incredible flexible matte PVC jacket. In addition, this kit has a 100% true copper twisted RCA cable to eliminate engine whine.




  • True American spec kit
  •  Tested & approved handling capability
  •  18ft Envy Green Flo Flex power wire, pre-terminated for easy access
  •  3ft Stealth Black Flo Flex ground cable, pre-terminated for easy access
  •  18ft 18-gauge amp turn-on wire
  •  18ft true copper EZ-connect twisted-pair RCA signal cable
  •  Platinum-plated ANL fuse holder
  •  6ft black split loom tube
  •  Installation hardware
  •  0 gauge
  •  5,000W power handling
  •  250A fuse
  •  18ft 10-gauge EZ-connect speaker wire