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Product Image RCA 4 Device Universal Big Button Remote Control

RCA 4 Device Universal Big Button Remote Control




Replace your original remotes with the RCA 4-Device Universal Remote that supports all major brands, compatible with soundbars and streaming devices.
This RCA 4 device big button remote control is easy to program, easy to navigate and easy to see daytime or night with the backlit keypad functionality. The new dual navigation design makes it easy for you to surf your channel and adjust the volume all at once. Additionally, it will even control the latest streaming players, like Roku and AppleTV.




  • Replaces and consolidates most major remote brands
  •  Simplifies device setup with automatic, brand, manual and direct code search methods
  • Illuminates with green backlit keypad
  •  Streaming controls Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming boxes
  •  Includes streaming player's codes
  •  Backlit keypad (green)
  •  Supports all major brands
  •  Auto code search
  •  Brand/manual code searches and direct code entry
  •  Menu support
  •  Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  •  4 Device Remote
  •  Back-lit keypad
  •  Streaming Player Codes Included