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Product Image Pyle Pro PT110 80W AC/DC Microphone PA Mono Amplifier/Mixer

Pyle Pro PT110 80W AC/DC Microphone PA Mono Amplifier/Mixer




This 80-watt microphone amplifier takes your voice to the next level! The amplifier's wide frequency response makes it suitable for amplifying music or vocal program material. It can be used for live bands, office paging systems, public announcements, or a variety of other installations. It's got two front ¼' inputs for mics, each with its own independent volume control and talkover. Plus, there's two stereo RCA inputs on the back - including one that takes low level phono input from a turntable. Tone control lets you tweak the sound to your exact requirements. This amp is compatible with 70 V PA systems too. An unswitched outlet on the back means you'll never be looking for an outlet. Runs on 110 and 220 V.




  • 1/4'' Phone Jack
  •  LED Level Display
  •  Master Volume Control
  •  Tone Control
  •  Mix Bus Jacks
  •  Front 3.5mm AUX CD Input Jack
  •  MIC 1/MIC 2 Talkover
  •  DC 12V Inlet
  •  Phono/Aux Volume Control
  •  Mic 1 Mic 2 Volume Controls
  •  Mic 1 Mic 2 6.35mm Connectors
  •  Voltage Selector 110/220V
  •  Removable AC Cord
  •  Unswitched AC Outlet
  •  Phono/Aux/RCA Input Jacks
  •  Phono/Aux Input Selector
  •  Variety of Speaker Outputs Terminal
  •  Dimensions: 3 1/3'' H x 12 3/4'' W x 8 9/10'' D
  •  Weight: 10.94 lbs.