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Product Image Pyle PLA2378 Power 2 Channel Bridgeable Mosfet Amplifier, 2000 Watts

Pyle PLA2378 Power 2 Channel Bridgeable Mosfet Amplifier, 2000 Watts




The Pyle Power Series Amplifiers will provide your audio setup with a powerful new sound. Add performance and quality enhancement to your music when you upgrade your audio system with these rugged and high-efficiency amps. Enjoy sound and performance enhancing features like Ohm specific stability, Mosfet power supply, PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) System, Glass Epoxy PCB, silver RCA inputs, custom terminal blocks for speaker connections, strong frequency response, and input impedance rates along with plenty more features that make the Pyle Power Series Amplifiers stronger than the competition.
Safety features include power and protection LED indicator; soft turn-on/off, thermal, overload and speaker-short protection. LED Indicator shows when the amplifier is powered up normally and when your system is experiencing a protection fault. Take advantage of the Bass EQ Boost and turn it up. Make adjustments to the Bass EQ settings until you achieve that extra amount of kick you’ve been waiting for. The jet-black design leaves a clean finish on the fortified aluminum heat-sink. The stream-lined and high-tech appearance will definitely add some muscle to your audio.




  • Maximum Power Output 2 x 1000W
  •  Bridgeable Power @ 4 Ohms: 1 x 2000W
  •  2 Channel Bridgeable MOSFET Amplifier
  •  Frequency Response 20 Hz-50kHz (±3dB)
  •  Output Power @ 14.4v DC, 50Hz
  •  2 Ohm Stable
  •  MOSFET Power Supply
  •  PWM ( Pulse-Width-Modulation ) System
  •  Glass Epoxy PCB
  •  Silver RCA Inputs
  •  Custom Terminal Block for Speaker Connection
  •  Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit Protection
  •  Input Impedance: 47K Ohms
  •  Soft Turn On/ Off
  •  Advanced Protection Circuitry
  •  S/N Ratio: >90dB
  •  Dimensions:10.24''W x 2.21''H x 11.02''L
  •  Weight: 7.28 lbs.