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Product Image Pico Digital TSMS-4-8 4X8 HDTV Digital Multi Switch For Shaw Direct

Pico Digital TSMS-4-8 4X8 HDTV Digital Multi Switch For Shaw Direct




This multiswitch allows you to connect up to 8 Shaw Direct single tuner receivers, or 4 dual tuners, or a mix of the two
Wideband frequency range 40 up to 2300MHz High performance SMD multi-layered printed-circuit board design ensures high port-to-port isolation to provide spurious carrier protection and to minimize undesired channel interaction, reducing picture distortion
High output return loss ports specifically designed for MDU networks and multiple subscriber applications reduce micro reflections, improves data recovery and lowers harmonic distortions
Simple F-type connector interface design provides satellite and antenna signals to be routed to 4 or 8 outputs
High-performance PIN diode matrix reduces polarity transfer time and digital artifacts providing consistent picture quality
Antenna signal combines with satellite on output (some models), eliminating external combining, reducing cost and clutter
Compatible with Direct to Home satellite services providing voltage and tone switching for polarity selection




  • 950-2300MHz
  •  F Female Connections
  •  40db LNB to LNB Isolation
  •  40db Output to Output Isolation
  •  40db Cross Polarization