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Product Image Perfect Vision DIPLEXER 1-Port Power Pass

Perfect Vision DIPLEXER 1-Port Power Pass


Used as a signal combiner of satellite feed and off-air feed onto one single output coax. Also used to split or divide the same two signals apart on the opposite end of the coax when two diplexers are used in unison.

  • Single Port Power Passing
  • Use a diplexer to combine a low-band frequency and high-band frequency on one line
  • This creates a single line installation
  • Use another diplexer at end of line another to split the signals back


Use this Perfect Vision diplexer to connect your off-air antenna to a satellite system to receive local HDTV digital channels. This unit combines two signals with different frequencies into a common cable within the frequencies of 40-2,250Mhz. Note: You will need one of these at each end of the cable - one to combine the signals on one side, and another to split the signal at the other end.

Tech specs

  • 40~2300 MHz
  • TerrestrialMHz: 70 - 700 - 806, Insertion FWD, (Antenna IN) dB: -0.1 - -0.6 - -1.1, Isolation (ANT - SAT) dB: -41.0 - -20.9 - -11.5
  • Satellite MHz: 950 - 1450 - 2150, Insertion Tap (FWD L1) dB: -11.7 - -12.5 - -13.8

Box Contents
  • One diplexer and two mounting screws in a bag