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Product Image Nexxt NHP-E610 Smart Home WiFi Power Strip With 4 Outlets & 4 USB Ports

Nexxt NHP-E610 Smart Home WiFi Power Strip With 4 Outlets & 4 USB Ports





Turn On Your Lights, Charge Your Tablet Or Get Your Coffee Maker Started Before You Get Home
Nexxt Solutions introduces its new Smart Home Automation Series. Designed to suit your mobile lifestyle while building a safe environment inside and out of your home, the brand seamlessly unifies into one user-friendly application a comprehensive line of fully integrated devices. From smart plugs, power strips, bulbs and cameras to security kits, you can now take control and run your home devices, on your own schedule even when you are not home.




  • Remote Management
  •  Turn your smart power strip on and off with a simple touch using your smartphone, from anywhere.
  •  Use simple voice commands to control your smart device with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  •  Programmable Schedule
  •  Keep your electronics and appliances from wasting energy while being plugged in.
  •  Download the Nexxt Home App from Google Play Store or Apple Store. Control all Nexxt Home products under one app.
  •  4 smart outlets and 4 USB built-in charging ports
  •  No hub required
  •  Easy pairing
  •  Nexxt Solutions Home App
  •  Voice activated (Amazon and the Google Assistant)
  •  iOS and Android™ compatible app
  •  Create schedules
  •  Multiple programmable timers