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Product Image Minuteman Entrust Series ETR1500 8 Outlet Line UPS, 1500VA/900W Load

Minuteman Entrust Series ETR1500 8 Outlet Line UPS, 1500VA/900W Load




Minuteman ETR1500 Entrust Series Eight (8) Outlet Line Interactive UPS, 1500VA/900W Load Capacity, 120/120 Input/Output, SentryPlus Software
The Minuteman Entrust ETR1500 UPS is an exciting new UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that provides users all the features, usually available in higher-priced UPS products, to protect your valuable equipment, offering voltage regulation (constant 120VAC output), spike and surge protection and battery backup.
Each unit has four (4) outlets that provide backup battery support along with spike and surge protection. There are an additional four (4) spike and surge protected outlets for accessory devices that don't require battery support. In addition, two of the outlets are specifically spaced to support equipment with transformer blocks
The small, uniquely designed, footprint of the Entrust ETR1500 UPS is ideal for placement on or under a desk. The unit can also be installed vertically on a shelf in a rack or cabinet installation.


  • USB Communications -- The Entrust Series has HID-compliant USB communication that is automatically recognized by all Windows(tm) software versions and requires no special drivers.
  •  Buck/Boost Voltage Regulation -- Provides a stable AC source during less than optimal power conditions without constant use of internal batteries.
  •  Slim-line Profile -- Provides users with the ability to install the Entrust UPS in a variety of settings (rack shelf, floor, desktop, etc.).
  •  SentryPlus(tm) Software -- SentryPlus auto-shutdown and monitoring software is included with every unit. No special downloads or coupons are required.
  •  Larger Load Capacities -- Para Systems has increased the capacities of all models in the Entrust UPS line, allowing the units to support larger power requirements.





  • UPS Type: Line Interactive
  •  Total Outlets: 8
  •  Surge-only Outlets: 4
  •  Battery/Surge Outlets: 4
  •  Load Capacity: 1500VA / 900W
  •  Runtime - Half Load: 10 min.
  •  Runtime - Full Load: 4 min.
  •  Voltage In: 120 VAC
  •  Voltage Out: 120 VAC
  •  Rackmountable: No