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Product Image EX6PLUS RG-6 PPC Universal Compression Connector

EX6PLUS RG-6 PPC Universal Compression Connector


Shaw and Bell approved, Universal rg-6 compression connector.


Over the years techs and DIY customers have put there trust in RPS for product recommendations. Why? Well it's simple, we would not recommend a product that we do not believe in, and so we test product regularly, now when it comes to a compression connector we have used and sold many brands of rg-6 connectors. We tested out popular brands, not so popular brands knock offs and originals. 

Which do we choose and highly recommend? The PPC Universal connector. Why? Well here are some of the reasons. 

Quality: Over many other brands these connectors compress well, are built well and are cost efficient. 

Smooth: The small force required to compress these are unreal, so smooth the connector compresses and locks in with ease. 

Universal: Well this is one of the best features, when techs use to run around making countless trips back and forth to the truck for the proper connector, these PPC Universal compression connectors fit any rg-6 cable out there, tri shield, quad regardless of shielding or brand. This saves time and money for the installer.