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Product Image Enhance PC Gaming Headset Holder Hook Hanger Mount

Enhance PC Gaming Headset Holder Hook Hanger Mount





Keep your desk looking clean and protect your PC gaming headset from scratches with the ENHANCE computer gaming headset mount holder. The headset holder clamps onto your desk and holds firmly to prevent accidental movement or dropping. The headset stand has a fully adjustable and rotating arm to store your headphones underneath your desk or swing it forward to easily place your headphones onto the arm for quick storage. The clamp opens up to accommodate desks up to 40mm thick. The ENHANCE Headset Mount also features a built in cord holder to keep your headset's cable organized and prevent it from dragging on the floor or getting caught between your chair's legs.
• Great for Desks and Coffee Tables
• Soft padded contacts eliminate damage to your living room coffee table or your desk. Clamp opens up to accommodate most desks and tables (10mm - 40mm) and forms a tight fit while remaining easy to remove and move to different gaming stations around the house. No bolts, adhesives, or unsightly screws! Just clamp on and off and get back to the game. Soft padded contacts keep a strong hold on glass, wood, metal, and more.
• Under Desk Mount for Discreet Convenient Storage
• Fits Desks between 10mm - 40mm. Simply clamp on to your desk or table and clamp off to remove without having to deal with adhesives or hardware
• Rotating Hook for Easy Access. Intuitive rotating hanger allows for convenient under desk storage and easy access by swinging the hook forward from under the desk
• Soft Pads Eliminate Scuffing. Don't ruin your desk or table with sticky adhesives that leave residue or drill holes with bolts and hardware. Simply clamp on and off
• Built in Cable Loop Reduces Desk Clutter
• Keep your desk free of loose headsets and avoid taking up even more desk space with pesky on desk headset stands!
• Store your headsets underneath your desk and feed the cable through the built-in cable loop to reduce cable drag and keep a tidy desk!
• Built-in cable loop organizes your headsets cable to reduce clutter and keep your desk tidy.
• Under desk storage reduces desk clutter by increasing the amount of usable desk space