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Product Image Element 0.5m HDMI Cable

Element 0.5m HDMI Cable


Our Element-Hz HDMI cables are the cream of the crop! These aren't just good HDMI cables, they're the best on the market. Engineered for HIGH SPEED with Ethernet means our Element HDMI Cables exceed 1.3 and 1.4 formats. In fact at 4 meters or less we surpass the well known 1080p resolution and reach 1440p video quality. And that's the best you can get! 

Flexible Jacket 
Our Round PVC Jacket is CL3 Rated and as soft as they come! Theyre ridiculously flexible and offer a strong strain relief for those sharp 90 degree turns. 

Easy to Stock 
We went the extra mile to make things easy for you while on the job our connector ends are color coded by length which makes distinguishing the difference between a 2 or 3 meter cable easy. 

Gold Plated Connectors 
All Element-Hz cables feature gold-plated connectors for corrosion resistance and maximum signal strength. We know you wouldn't expect anything less 

Yes, Were Twisted 
With twisted signal pairs and drain wire, we used double reverse technology to ensure the stability of impedance, and attenuation time delay. 

Need for Speed 
Sleep easy knowing that Element-Hz cables pass signals at speeds higher than the 1.4 Standard. With High Speed-Category 2 Wire were capable of jetting you up to speeds of 340 MHz with 24-bit Deep Colour. Not bad, huh? 

Better Than 1080p? 
Even the most educated HDMI experts might scratch their head when they first hear that our HDMI cables are 1440p At 4m or less our cables are virtually future-proof. 

Feel the Difference 
The Element-Hz Cables have very tight fitting connectors which helps prevent the cable from becoming unplugged easily. Our cables don't offer any gimmicky locking mechanisms but you'll swear these ends were soaked in glue, no glue involved here, just extremely good ends on a very good cable. 

Whoa! What Was That?!? 
We want to warn you these cables support 3D pictures. So you may see things flying off your screen. You've been warned 

Re-Sealable = Re-Sellable. We Just Love Hyphens! 
Ever been on the job and under estimate the length of the HDMI cable needed? Most HDMI cables are packed in standard poly bags, which can no longer be sold as new. Thats why all of our Element-Hz HDMI, VGA, & VGA with Audio come bagged in Ziplock bags! This simple package alteration allows you to maximize your profits and eliminates the need for B-stock, simply coil the cable back up and bag it for new.