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Product Image Edision EDI-RCU OS ALU Ergonomical 2-in-1 IR Remote Control - Grey

Edision EDI-RCU OS ALU Ergonomical 2-in-1 IR Remote Control - Grey




EDISION EDI-RCU OS ALU Grey. Ergonomical 2-in-1 IR remote control, with aluminum face plate in matte grey color which you can use both for your EDISION receiver and for up to 5 functions of your SAMSUNG* & LG* or any other TV set! It has 5 pre-installed and programmable functions for SAMSUNG* & LG* TV set or you can program up to 5 functions from any IR remote control of your TV set. It allows you to enjoy the viewing quality from your EDISION receiver, without any discomfort from having to use 2 different IR remote controls. With easy to program, ergonomical keys.

EDISION compatible receivers:




  • triton t2
  •  picco t2
  •  picco t265
  •  proton t265
  •  proton t265 led
  •  progressiv hybrid
  •  progressiv hybrid lite
  •  progressiv hybrid lite led



  • proton
  •  proton led
  •  picco s2
  •  proton s2
  •  progressiv hd c
  •  progressiv hd c plus
  •  progressiv hd c plus led
  •  piccollino led
  •  piccollino 3in1 led
  •  piccollo 3in1 plus ci
  •  piccollino s2
  •  piccollino s2 + t2/c
  •  piccollo s2 + t2/c

    e2 linux
  •  os mini dvb-s2
  •  os mini dvb-t2/c
  •  os mini dvb-s2 + dvb-s2
  •  os mini dvb-s2 + dvb-t2/c
  •  os mini + dvb-s2/t2/c
  •  os mega dvb-s2 + dvb-s2 + dvb-s2/t2/c
  •  os nino dvb-s2
  •  os nino dvb-s2 + dvb-t2/c
  •  os nino+ dvb-s2
  •  os nino+ dvb-s2 + dvb-t2/c
  •  os nino pro s2x + t2/c
  •  os mini 4k s2x
  •  os mio 4k s2x + t2/c
  •  os mio+ 4k s2x + s2/t2/c

  •  primo ip s2

    signal level meters
  •  multi-finder

    *= LG & SAMSUNG are brand names that belong solely to LG Electronics Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd respectively. Any brand name reference in this text is only for informational purposes towards the consumer that is interested in the product. There is a minor percentage that some SAMSUNG & LG TV models or some of their functions are not fully supported or not supported at all. If this situation occurs, please contact us.