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Product Image SSE 4.5m Prime Focus Antenna Series 8345

SSE 4.5m Prime Focus Antenna Series 8345

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The 4.5 meter earth station has a standard elevation-over-azimuth mount, engineered to provide continuous satellite arc coverage from any location in the contiguous United States. Pointing of the antenna is rapid and accurate. Complete 360° azimuth coverage eliminates required alignment of the foundation to a specific heading, eliminating the possibility of installation errors associated with foundation center lines.

SSE 4.5 Antennas

Antenna Diameter: 4.5 Meters (14.8 ft)
Reflector Construction: 12 panels, precision stretch stamped steel
Mount Type: Elevation-over-azimuth
Antenna Travel:
- Elevation: 0º to 90º continuous
- Azimuth:
Manual: 360º
Motorized 120º continuous
Polarization Adjustment;
- Manual: 360º continuous
- Motorized: 300º continuous

• Two-man installation
• Tripod and Pier Mounts
• Elevated Mounts
• Steerable Options - NAVIGATOR 45-III
• Multiple-Satellite Feed Systems (Available)

Operating Frequencies 3.7 • 4.2 GHz, 5.925 • 6.425 GHz
Gain at Midband (Reference to OMT Port) 43.6 dBi minimum @ 4.0 GHz, 46.7 dBi minimum® 6.175 GHz
VSWR 1.3:1 maximum
Polarization Dual Linear
Polarization Adjustment 360° continuous
Cross-Polarized Suppression 35 dB minimum on axis
Isolation (Port-to-Port) 35 dB minimum
3 dB Bandwidth (Nominal) 1.1° @ 4.0 GHz, 0.76° @ 6.175 GHz
First Sidelobe Level -22 dB
Antenna Noise Temperature (Referred to OMT port) @ 4.0 GHz, Elevation 40°, Temp 22K