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Product Image Cat5E Shielded 350Mhz 4Pr 24AWG CSA/FT4 1000 Ft UV Protected STP Black

Cat5E Shielded 350Mhz 4Pr 24AWG CSA/FT4 1000 Ft UV Protected STP Black



Cable Concepts Cat5E Shielded, 350Mhz, 4Pr, 24AWG, CSA/FT4 Approved, 1000 Ft, Black. UV Protected.

1) Description
24 AWG solid bare copper conductors, overall aluminum foil shield, Polyolefin insulation, twisted pairs, ripcord, drain wire, with black PVC jacket. Suitable Applications: Premise Horizontal Cable, Gigabit Ethernet, 100BaseTX, 100BaseVG ANYLAN, 155ATM, 622ATM, NTSC/PAL Component or Composite Video, AES/EBU, Digital Video, RS-422

2) Physical Dimensions
Center Conductor:-----0.50+0.01mm BC
Insulation:----0.91+0.02mm PE
Shield:----Aluminum Foil
Drain Wire:----0.50+0.01mm BC
Jacket:----6.00+0.05mm PVC

3) Mechanical Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range:----20℃ To +75℃
Installation Temperature Range:----0℃ To +60℃
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: ----25 lbs
Min. Bend Radius (Install):----1 in.

4) UTP CAT 5E Pair Identification:
Pair 1 Blue/White w/Co-Extruded Blue Stripe on White Single
Pair 2 Orange/White w/Co-Extruded Orange Stripe on White Single
Pair 3 Green/White w/Co-Extruded Green Stripe on White Single
Pair 4 Brown/White w/Co-Extruded Brown Stripe on White Single

5) Electrical Characteristics
Capacitance:----15 pF/ft
Velocity of Propatation.:----70%
Conductor DCR:----9.38Ω/100m
Impedance:----1.0 – 100Mhz /100 Ω+ 15%