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Product Image Videopath SW-44 (SW44) Multi-Dish Switch with Power Inverter & Adapter

Videopath SW-44 (SW44) Multi-Dish Switch with Power Inverter & Adapter



The legacy SW44 switch is used to expand two legacy dual LNBF's to four outputs to allow for additional receivers.

The SW44 multiswitch combines signal from Bell TV's 2 satellites at 91W & 82W (orbital positions) and provides output for up to 4 tuners.

The AC/DC power supply
(a) connects to the in-line power inserter (b). The main switch (c) can be connected anywhere in the distribution system and receives its power from the power inserter via one of its 4 outputs.

The 2 outputs from each LNBF of the elliptical antenna (or from each LNBF of each antenna) MUST be connected to the switch (4 inputs in total, in order to provide 1 to 4 outputs).


  • Bell and Dish Network approved switch
  • Can be user both indoor and outdoor
  • Requires 2 dual LNB's to work
  • Works with 2 dual tuner PVR receivers
  • Works with 4 single tuner receivers
  • Works with 3 receivers (1-dual tuner, 2 single tuner)
  • Provides two LNBF for reception for up to four rooms

Connections should be as follows:

  1. Nimiq 1 goes into 1A & 1B.
  2. Nimiq 2 goes into 2A & 2B.
  3. Power inserter goes into port 1 of the switch.
  4. Receivers connect to the Receiver port of the power inserter or ports 2, 3 & 4 directly on the switch.

Box Contents

  • SW44 Switch
  • Power Inserter and Power Supply and
  • Installation instructions
  • 12 month warranty