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Product Image FS1 Flat Scalar Ring For Prime Focus Dish

FS1 Flat Scalar Ring For Prime Focus Dish


Great replacement Scalar ring. This Scalar ring fastens onto the feed throat with ease, the 3 Allen key screws makes it user friendly and simple to be aligned at the center of the reflector.

The Titanium Satellite FS1™ Flat Scalar provides optimal prime focus type dish illumination for C-band and combo C/KU-band feedhorns and LNBFs. The aluminum cast body is CAD designed for maximizing C-band RX signal quality by properly illuminating .3 - .4 FD prime focus type satellite dishes and attenuating undesired interference from out-of band frequencies and sources.

The white color poly coating protects the FS1 from corrosion and will look great for many years of reliable performance. The scalar is securely attached to the feedhorn by three chrome 5mm Allen head screws and allows easily and precise adjustment to provide the exact reflector illumination. Under or over illumination of the reflector surface can severely degrade the signal quality readings and result in poor or no satellite reception. Under illuminate the reflector and you are only catching a percentage of the signals reflecting off of the reflector surface. Over illuminate and terrestrial interference or off-axis / adjacent satellite signals may be directed into the feedhorn.

The FS1 mounts using standard 3 or 4 point tapped mounting holes for attaching feedhorn support arms or on button hook design. This generic  provided for attachment to the many varied feed support arm designs. While we cannot guarantee that the universal design will fit on every prime focus dish design, it provides a secure grip and can be easily adapted with minimal fabrication to meet unique mounting requirements.

The Titanium Satellite FS1 is quality built using only the highest grade materials to ensure performance and reliable operation. All Titanium Satellite products are inspected by an independent third party for manufacturing and specification compliance. If a product does not meet our Grade "A" requirement, it is either retooled for compliance or discarded. Unlike other brands, there are no "B" stock or secondary markets for Titanium Satellite products.

Titanium Satellite looks forward to providing you with excellent products and exceptional customer support!

Available for OEM and Bulk Quanties - Please Call!

FS1 Specifications

Dish Compatibility RX - Prime Focus Type
Feedhorn Diameter 2-2 5/8in / 50-68.5mm
Scalar Height 6 1/4in / 160mm
Scalar Depth 1 1/8in / 30mm
Focal Distance .3 - .4
Weight (net) 4.9oz / .140kg
Casting Aluminum
Finish White Color Poly
Universal Mount 68mm Feedhorn
Allen Head Screws 5mm x 3