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Product Image Construct Pro™ Single Gang Décora Style Screwless Wall Plate

Construct Pro™ Single Gang Décora Style Screwless Wall Plate


Construct Pro™ Wall Plate with Screwless Face 

Streamlined, minimalist, modern – these are the words that more and more homeowners are using today to describe the look and feel they want inside their homes. As the installer, you have to have the right materials that give your customers’ homes the style and personality they’re looking for. That’s where Construct Pro™ comes into play. This line’s Screwless Wall Plates will give any home a professional finish and a touch of elegance. These cost effective wall plates scream “MODERN!” with their ability to seamlessly blend into their surroundings. Equip yourself now because it’s time you separate yourself from the rest of the installers who still use those old school materials.


These Look Good

Did we mention these wall plates look good? Even if we did, we’d still like to tell you how sharp they look… again. With no visible screws and a sexy gloss finish, these wall plates are the ideal solution for the streamlined household.


Color & Finish

Part of blending in requires matching all of the other wall plates within the home. Our Construct Pro line of wall plates express the same shading, color tone, and finish as other sophisticated plate manufacturers. You’ll love how these plates disappear and blend into your customer’s home.


No Sacrifice

Don’t think for a second that we sacrificed style for quality. These wall plates are engineered with a strong UL listed ABS plastic. They’re highly durable, and their tough construction guarantees that they will maintain their original build for years.


A Snap to Install

Our screwless wall plates are easy to install. Simply separate the front and back plates, attach the back plate to the wall with the screws provided and snap on the front plate for a clean and sophisticated look in just minutes.