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Product Image Autowatch 500002 Bike/VTT/Skidoo Alarm

Autowatch 500002 Bike/VTT/Skidoo Alarm




The 500002 is a Motorcycle alarm with dual immobiliser from Autowatch. It features a 109 dB siren (not battery back-up).

The immobiliser self-arms 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off. The alarm has a built-in impact/tilt sensor to protect the bike from being tampered with or moved.

It comes with two 1 button peanut remote controls which it must be noted are not waterproof! Whilst these remote controls are good for use with cars I have my reservations about using one with a bike, especially if you’re more then just a fair weather rider.

It’s a compact design which makes it small enough to fit in most bikes. If you look at other websites many list it as having an “Attack proof housing”. Personally, I find this to be misleading as there are simply 4 screws holding the case together!




H: 100mm (plus loom exit – allow 120mm )

W: 60mm

D: 33mm

Sleep mode

If the bike has not been used for a few days (I quote the term “a few days” from the Autowatch manual which is not very specific about how long it takes!) the alarm will go into sleep mode. This reduces the current the alarm draws from about 5 mA to 0.5 mA.

Over-ride PIN code

As with all Autowatch systems, the alarm has a 5 digit emergency over-ride pin code to allow it to be disarmed without the remote.