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Product Image Aska Digital UHF Modulator

Aska Digital UHF Modulator


The RFDM-3 modulates a video and left/right audio signal of VCR, DVD, Satellite receiver, security camera, etc to a user selected TV channel.

  • Modulate up to 3 devices at once
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Professional picture quality
  • Combined stereo input to Mono
  • Eprom channel memory
  • Multiple TV distribution
  • LED channel display
This is a 3 channel Mono modulator input with ANT input that incorporates a commercial grade design intended for non-adjacent placement of the modulated channels in any free channel of UHF or CATV Ultra bands

Tech specs
  • No. of inputs: 3 with ANT input
  • Output Channels: UHF 14-74, CATV 65-135
  • Power Supply: 117 VAC/60Hz
  • FCC approved for RFDM-1 and RFDM-3
  • RFDM-1 Output channel selectable by built-in switch on front panel

Box Contents
  • Modulator