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Product Image Aska ASK2011 Analog Channel  3/4 RF Modulator

Aska ASK2011 Analog Channel 3/4 RF Modulator




Model RFM-1G is designed to convert the Audio or Video input signals into normal VHF TV signal for a television set, and has a built-in switch for antenna/cable input that automatically reroutes the external input sources to the television when a video signal is not detected. Outputs on Channel 3 or 4.




  • Video Carrier Output: 150mV Video input
  •  Impedance: 75 or 1K ohm switch-able
  •  Output Impedence: 75 Ohm F-port
  •  Video Input level: 1V P-P NTSC Negative
  •  SYNC Video output level: 10dBmV Output
  •  Channels: 3 or 4
  •  Power Supply: 117 VAC/60Hz
  •  Connectors: RCA jack for audio/video input / F-connector for RF output