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Product Image Applied Instruments XR-3 Satellite & Antenna Signal Meter

Applied Instruments XR-3 Satellite & Antenna Signal Meter




Modular Test Instrument
From satellite dish alignment, to UHF off-air antenna pointing, to cable TV MER measurements, the XR-3 is the meter for you!
The XR-3 is the most capable meter offered by Applied Instruments. It’s more durable than the popular Super Buddy meter, and has added features and performance.
The XR-3’s modular design with field swappable modules provides wide versatility to fit different measurement applications, including DBS satellite, VSAT satellite, VHF/UHF off-air, and CATV (QAM and analog).
The XR-3 is great for installing and troubleshooting DISH SmartBox, Blonder Tongue, and other SMATV headend systems often used in hotels, multi-dwelling units, and institutional facilities.




  • Battery: rechargeable Li-Ion, 4400mAh 12.6V Max
  •  Run time/charge: 4 hours for a single LNA
  •  (depends on LNA current draw)
  •  Universal AC charger: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  •  fast charge and then trickle
  •  Vehicle charger: 12VDC
  •  Computer Interface: USB (Ethernet optional)
  •  Size/Weight: 9"W x 7"H x 2.5"D / 3.2 lbs.
  •  (without rubber guards) 22.9cm x 17.8cm x 6.4cm / 1452 g
  •  Operating Temperature Range......-20 Deg F to 120 Deg F (-29 Deg C to 49 Deg C)
  • Battery Charge Temperature Range..41 Deg F to 100 Deg F (5 Deg C to 38 Deg C)