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Product Image X-Mini XAM38-W KAI X1 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

X-Mini XAM38-W KAI X1 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker




Built to withstand the outdoors, the rugged X-mini™ KAI X1 W is a compact, palm-sized speaker made for both the great outdoors, and also for great audio indoors. IPX7 waterproof certified, the portable X-mini™ KAI X1 W is designed to keep on playing on as new terrains are explored. Featuring a built-in, ¼ screw thread camera mount with detachable D-ring for multi-use such as securing it on bicycle handle or your backpack with its carry strap! A large 50mm audio driver delivers quality entertainment, with 8 hours playtime and a built-in microphone that frees your hands when chatting to friends and loved ones on longer trips. Embark on greater sound experience when two X-mini™ KAI X1 Ws are paired for True Wireless Stereo audio performance. In 3 fresh, fun and energizing colors – Red, White and Blue – the new X-mini™ KAI X1 W is designed to be your handy all-terrain companion as you explore the world.



• IPX7 Waterproof certified for the outdoors, able to submerge in water (up to 1 metre) for up to 30 minutes
• Built-in Camera Mount with detachable D-ring allows for multi-use when discovering the outdoors
• 3 New Fresh, Fun colors designed to energize explorations
• Rugged, Palm-Sized Portable speaker designed for convenience on any trip
• Large 50mm Audio Driver deliver quality sound beyond it’s compact, palm-sized housing
• Up to 8 hours of playback when you embark on longer treks
• Built-in Microphone allows for hands-free calls both indoors and outdoors
• True Wireless Stereo connects two X-miniTM KAI X1 Ws together for left and right channel stereo sound