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Product Image Trackimo TRKMX05X Extended Car Charging Adapter Kit

Trackimo TRKMX05X Extended Car Charging Adapter Kit




This kit is to be used for continuous charging of the Trackimo Universal tracker and Trackimo 3G tracker. Use this adapter to connect your Trackimo directly to your car's electricity ("hard wire" it). Connect the red and black wire to the car's circuit, and the USB cable to your Trackimo. This kit is best suitable for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycle, ATV, construction and heavy equipment, golf carts and more. This Trackimo Vehicle/Marine Kit is a power stabilizer and regulator to ensure constant power supply and optimal performance for the Trackimo device.




  • Includes safety fuse to protect the car and the device
  •  Can be "hard wired" to a car 12V plus and minus supply line
  •  Input Voltage: DC 12V/24V (8V-38V)
  •  Output Voltage: 5V, micro USB connector
  •  Output current: 3A Max
  •  Output Power: 15W Max
  •  Cables Lengths: 1 meter approximately