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Product Image Teltonika RUT955 CAT 4 LTE WIFI Professional Dual Sim Cellular Router

Teltonika RUT955 CAT 4 LTE WIFI Professional Dual Sim Cellular Router




The most feature rich device within RUT9 router series. Equipped with Dual-SIM, 4 x Ethernet, WiFi and RS232, RS485, USB interfaces and Inputs/Outputs, you can't go wrong picking Teltonika. The RUT955 comes with RutOS advanced software features such as Modbus, SNMP, TR-069, NTRIP, MQTT protocol support and custom GNSS tracking protocol that is compatible with Global AVL tracking platforms.

  • With Cat 4 LTE you can reach up to speeds of 150 Mbps
  •  Utilize the dual SIM feature and get significantly reduced roaming costs
  •  Convenient Global Navigation Satellite System positioning with geofencing functionality
  •  Easy to use RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces
  •  The compact size and easy integration to your existing network makes it perfect to work with and handle
  •  Always stay in touch with the digital input and output feature, which allows for remote monitoring and control




  • Compatible with Teltonika's handy remote management system
  •  Have the possibility to use different PDNs for multiple network access and services
  •  Mobile: 4G (LTE) - Cat 4 DL up to 150 Mbps, UL up to 50 Mbps; DC-HSPA+; UMTS; TD-SCDMA; EDGE; GPRS
  •  CPU: Atheros Wasp, MIPS 74Kc, 550 MHz
  •  Memory: 16 MBytes Flash, 128 MBytes DDR2 RAM
  •  Ethernet: 4 x 10/100 Ethernet ports: 1 x WAN (configurable as LAN), 3 x LAN ports
  •  Power Supply: 9 - 30 VDC, 4 pin DC Connector
  •  Inputs: 3 x Inputs (Digital, Digital galvanically isolated, Analog) + 1 Digital Input on Power Connector
  •  Outputs: 2 x Outputs (30 V, 250 mA digital open collector output / 24 V, 4 A SPST relay output) + 1 Digital O.C. Output on Power Connector
  •  Connectors: 1 x 4 pin DC, 4 x Ethernet, 2 x Mobile SMA, 2 x WiFi RP-SMA , 1 x GPS SMA, 1 x RS232, 1 x 6 pin RS485, 1 x 10 pin I/O, USB 2.0
  •  Memory: Card microSD, Hinge Type Slot
  •  SIM: 2 x External SIM holders
  •  Operating System: RutOS (OpenWrt based Linux OS)
  •  Networking Features: NAT, Static/Dynamic routing, Firewall, OpenVPN, IPsec, H.323 and SIP-alg protocol NAT helpers, allowing proper routing of VoIP packets
  •  What’s in the box: Teltonika Cat 4 LTE and WiFi Professional Dual SIM Cellular Router - Power Adapter