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Product Image Swann SWADS-ALARMK DIY Driveway/Entrance Way Security Alert Alarm Kit

Swann SWADS-ALARMK DIY Driveway/Entrance Way Security Alert Alarm Kit





This driveway alert is part of a customizable doorbell and alert range. Additional motion sensors, gate alert sensors and door button units can all be connected to one portable receiver. The pack contains a PIR motion sensor and a receiver unit. We've received a number of product reviews telling us that the alerts are very loud, so we've updated the product description below to give you some more information. Thank you for everyone who gave feedback, all have been provided to our product development team to improve our range.

  • The receiver unit has 4 accessory input channels
  •  One channel is dedicated to door buttons only and has a choice of 36 melodies.
  •  The other 3 channels are for pairing to alarm sensors and have only one Alarm sound available per channel.
  •  Each of the 3 channels has a unique sound, allowing you to know which sensor has been triggered in a particular area of your house or garden.
  •  Channels 1 & 2 have a loud, alarm like sound. Channel 3 is a softer, more chime-like sound if you'd prefer that.
  •  The volume of sound on all 4 channels can be adjusted between high, medium, or low by pressing the button on the back of the product.
  •  You can also select silent mode where only the blue LED light flashes for times where you want peace and quiet.
  •  False alerts can be minimised by adjusting the position & angle of the motion sensor.
  •  Box Contents: Receiver Unit with Alarm - Alert Motion Sensor - Mounting Bracket with Adjustable Angle Pivot Joint - Mounting Screws & Wall Plugs - Theft Deterrent Stickers - Quick Start Guide




  • Dimensions: 5” x 5” x 1.4” /126 x 126 x 36mm
  •  Weight: 6.8oz/194g
  •  Transmission: 200ft/60m wireless*
  •  Batteries: 3 x AA batteries for Receiver (not included)



  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.8 x 1.6” / 120 x 46 x 40mm
  •  Weight: 2.9oz / 81g
  •  Motion: Up to 40ft / 12m away
  •  Batteries: 6 x AAA Batteries for Sensors (not included)