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Product Image ICC Data Module

ICC Data Module


ICC ICRESDPA1C Residential Module Cat 5e Data 8 Port

The ICC ICRESDPA1C Cat 5e 8 port residential data module comes with eight standard 4-pair 110 IDC connectors to distribute network to local area network applications. If you need more than 8 data ports you simply add another ICRESDPA1C module and daisy chain them. The ICC residential modules are very flexible and allow you to add as many data ports as you need. Professional installers all over the US put their trust in ICC cabling products.

* Composed of a printed circuit board (PCB) encased in a metal covering
* Non-bridged CAT 5E data distribution board
* Exceeds TIA 568-A performance standard
* Fits in all residential media enclosures
* Easy to install