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Product Image HomeWorx Satellite Dish Heater for Xplornet

HomeWorx Satellite Dish Heater for Xplornet




Designed to be used with your Xplornet satellite dish, this heater protects your dish year-round. It melts snow and ice, by electrically heating, to help prevent your satellite from losing signal. Additionally, it will last a long time as the cover is made of sturdy UV protected vinyl. The satellite dish heater is quick and easy to install, saving you your precious time.




  • Reduces signal losses due to snow and ice by melting it
  •  Easy installation to save you time
  •  Built with a UV protected vinyl cover to help withstand the sun's energy
  •  Material: UV Protected Vinyl
  •  Power: Approximately 40W
  •  Power Cord Length: 2ft.