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Product Image Hertz ES 200.5 - SUBWOOFER 200mm 4 Ohm

Hertz ES 200.5 - SUBWOOFER 200mm 4 Ohm





The Energy.5 subwoofers have been designed to express maximum performance in a low-volume box.

Their electroacoustic parameters are optimized for correct operation in any type of speaker (pneumatic suspension, bass reflex, bandpass, etc.), ensuring extraordinary versatility and top quality performance.

The use of a long-excursion mobile unit and a double magnet with a high intensity of flux has made it possible to create components capable of withstanding high powers, with an extraordinary musicality combined with an explosive dynamics.

Scratch-resistant paint finishes and a butyl rubber ring offer reliable protection along with a modern and aggressive look.






  1. V-cone® technology with pressed cellulose membrane and water repellent treatment, to reduce the mobile mass and increase sensitivity.
  2. Spider with wide wave geometry with high mechanical resistance to impulsive stresses, made of intertwined resin-coated fibers for constant parameters over time.
  3. Suspensions in high-density pressed polyurethane, for extreme mechanical and acoustic linearity even at high excursions.
  4. Pure copper voice coil, wound on aluminum support, combined with the dissipation circuit of the spider support and the ventilation holes on the magnet, for an exceptional thermal capacity in the power peaks.
  5. Silver-plated braids with silicon shield terminated on tin-plated high current connectors, for high resistance to mechanical stress and low contact resistance.
  6. Polar plates with high magnetic permeability combined with an oversized magnet, guarantee a continuous and constant magnetic flux, for perfect control at low frequencies.
  7. Gasket and protective shell of the magnet in butyl rubber, for an ideal coupling with the mounting surface and a damping of the resonances of the basket.