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Product Image EMP-N888K DBS Ku-Band Lnbf

EMP-N888K DBS Ku-Band Lnbf


EMP-N888K is used for DBS satellite reception in North America. It fits dishes that have a rectangular shaped LNBF feed bracket (D shaped bracket doesn't fit). It has 0.3dB noise figure that is 8-10% better signal strength than 0.6dB LNBF.


- Dual output LNBF

- From the makers of Zinwell LNBF

- Light weight and small size for easy installation

- Covers DSS Ku-band satellite frequencies (12.2-12.75 GHz)

- Low noise figure of 0.3 dB for improved signal reception (specially on weak signal) and low interference

- Voltage-controlled RH/LH switching (13/18 V)

- The feed diameter is a standard 40mm thus allowing this LNB to be mounted effortlessly on almost 

   any offset dish

- Circular type

- Excellent isolation

- Various input frequency range and L.O. for world wide market

- Excellent D.R.O. stability

- Super compact tooling

- Optional for 23mm feed horn

- Waterproof guaranteed