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Product Image VIVITAR VIV-SP-6 7"" Mini Flexible Spider Tripod

VIVITAR VIV-SP-6 7"" Mini Flexible Spider Tripod


Product Description
The Vivitar SP-6 is also known as the Spider Vivitar Tripod because of the way that the legs can hang from or wrap around most items. The advantage of wrapping the legs of the Vivitar Tripod around something is that a photographer can get just about any angle or table shot that they would want in just about any location. This flexible tripod is often used to take pictures of the photographer or to take moving video from a vehicle of some kind. This 7-inch Vivitar Tripod is one of the mini tripods meant for smaller digital cameras. It accepts a broad range of different camera brands, such as Vivitar, Panasonic, Samsung, Kodak, Nikon, and Olympus. The Vivitar SP-6 is designed to work in a variety of different conditions and has rubber legs that take temperature extremes well. It weighs just 0.3 lbs and has overall dimensions of 4 inches by 11.5 inches by 1.5 inches, which make this Vivitar Tripod extremely portable. Despite its lightweight, this flexible tripod can handle up to a 6.6-lb camera or video camera.

Product Identifiers
Brand Vivitar
UPC 681066142387
Key Features
Product Type Tripod
Head Type No Head
Supported Devices Camcorder, Camera
Physical Features
Maximum Load 2.2 lbs
Weight 0.3 lb