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Product Image Edision OS Mio+ 4K DVBS2X / DVBS2 Dual Tuner FTA STB Free to air

Edision OS Mio+ 4K DVBS2X / DVBS2 Dual Tuner FTA STB Free to air


Introducing the Mio+ Dual tuner 4K satellite receiver with OLED front panel display.

Built using the highest quality hardware and with the industry leading design and innovation that the Edision brand is internationally recognized to represent!

Industry leading 64 bit Dual Core ARM at 1.5 GHz running E2 OS is loaded with functions and features not found on most STBs. E2 OS is Open Source based on Linux, which means that users like you are constantly expanding and improving with functions and features. E2 OS has many user options not found in a typical closed source satellite receiver appliance. Once you get the hang of the incredible depth of user options, you will never look back. Most installation and management parameters are user adjustable and the downloadable plugins, extensions and skins make E2 OS STBs a media center dream!

Recent developments in the Blind Scan plugin are revolutionizing the accuracy, speed and reporting functions. Using the North American Project (TNAP v.2) mod of SatDream image, a complete accurate hardware based blind scan and channel logging of 97w KU-band takes approx. 2 minutes. A Blind Scan of 105w C-band takes less than 5 minutes and logs approx. 2500 TV and radio stations! The scanning screen reports the scan time and number of TV / Radio stations logged. Want to generate a list of transponders and/or services found to share with friends or an online list? The scan report files can be saved to an external USB for review or sharing.

EDISION OS MIO+ 4K S2X / S2 is the latest E2 LINUX 4Κ UHD, DVB-S2X / S2 combo receiver in the E2 LINUX range of EDISION receivers. Features 4K UHD resolution and Multi-Stream T2MI Tuner & hardware Blindscan. Equipped with a variety of the most advanced features in order to provide you with an exciting use of all its top characteristics, all in a compact and slim design! ATSC USB tuners can be added for viewing and DVR with EPG! The popular Hauppauge USB ATSC OTA tuner model 955Q is supported. The DVBS2 TBS5925 USB satellite tuner has limited support for basic multi-tuner satellite operation without blind scan function.

The OS mio+ 4k is housed in an elegant aluminum case with features that include: E2 Linux operating system, DVB-S2X tuner and a hybrid DVB-S2/T2/C tuner, 4K UHD resolution, Exceptional Blindscan, 4 slot multiboot, MultiStream T2MI Tuner with blind scan development underway. Web browser and HbbTV support, Dual Core ARM at 1.5 GHz / 64 bit processor, 8GB eMMC/RAM 2GB DDR4 2400Mhz flash memory, OLED front panel status, WiFi with two (2) external, detachable WiFi antennas (included), Bluetooth v4.0 on Board, 4K UHD Multimedia Player plus the exceptional and ergonomic aluminum IR remote control UNIVERSAL 2-in-1. All these combined with the overall EDISION quality and professional support, make it a superior option for you to enjoy!

Important Notice: We provide technical support for the pre-loaded Enigma 2 image, The North America Project (TNAP V.2) modded SatDreamGR . You may install up to 4 images in multiboot mode and switch between images by simply selecting a different multiboot image and restarting the STB!

Technical features:

    • Type: 4K UHD E2 Linux Combo Receiver DVB-S2X + DVB-T2/C with Multi Stream Support

    • 1 x Tuner DVB-S2X

    • 1 x Tuner DVB-S2/T2/C (Please Note: The built-in terrestrial tuner is not compatible with North American ATSC OTA or Cable TV standards)

    • Supports Multiple ATSC USB Tuner Haupaugge 955Q with EPG!

    • Supports DVBS2 USB Tuner - TBS5925

    • Decoding: H.265/HEVC Decoding Support (covered by: listepatentlist.hevcadvance.com)

    • Normal FECFRAME (64800 bits) Symbol Rates:

      QPSK 1- 60 MSps
      8PSK 1- 60 MSps
      16APSK 1- 58 MSps
      32APSK 1- 55 MSps
      64APSK 1- 34 MSps

  • Short FECFRAME (16200 bits) Symbol Rates:

    QPSK 1- 56 MSps
    8PSK 1- 55 MSps
    16APSK 1- 51 MSps
    32APSK 1- 45 MSps
    • CCM /VCM / ACM

    • Multi Stream T2MI & Blind Scan

    • Interactive Services Profile Support

    • Linux Operational System (Enigma 2)

    • Processor: Dual Core ARM 1.5 GHz / 64 bit

    • FLASH 8GB eMMC / RAM 2GB DDR4 2400Mhz
    • OLED Front Panel Status

    • 4K UHD Multimedia Player

    • Web Browser & HbbTV Support

    • Free Internet Streaming TV and Radio

    • Dual Band 2x2 Wi-Fi 802.11ac 5G / 2.4G with MU-MIMO

    • 2 x Pluggable Wi-Fi Antennas

    • Bluetooth: Embedded v2.1 / 3.0 / 4.0

    • Unlimited Channel Memory

    • Hyper-Sensitive Tuners for Weak Signal Reception and Exceptional Blind Scan

    • 1 x Smartcard Reader

    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Interface

    • 2 x USB2.0 Ports

    • 1 x HDMI 2.0a Connection

    • 1 x Jack to RS232

    • 1 x Jack to IR

    • 1 x S/PDIF

    • Channel Change less than 1 Second

    • Extensive ΕPG and Programmed Viewing via EPG

    • Expandable Add-Ons & Plug-Ins

    • Supports Bouquet List

    • Multilingual OSD, Skin Support

    • Channel Search: Fully Automatic / Manual / Hardware Blindscan

    • Time Shift Function and Multi Timers

    • Supports Teletext & and OSD and VBI subtitles

    • Compatible with 22KHz, DiSEqC 1.0, 1,1 ,1.2 and USALS

    • Supports SCR / CSS (EN50494 & EN50607)

    • Power Consumption Less Than 0.5 Watt, in Low-Power Stand-By

Front Panel:

    • Display: LED (Standby, Recording)

    • Display Buttons: Power, Channel -/+

Back Panel:

    • Input Sat-IF: 1x F-type for DVBSX tuner
    • Input Sat-IF: 1x F-type for DVBS2 tuner

    • Input Terrestrial: 1x IEC-type

    • Connection TV: 1x HDMI

    • USB 2.0: 1x Rear / 1x Side Panel

    • Audio output: Standard optical (S/PDIF) / HDMI

    • 2 x WiFi Antennas

    • 1 x Smartcard Slot

    • 1 x Ethernet Plug

    • 1 x jack to RS232

  • 1 x jack to IR

    • 1 x DC In (External PSU)

Package contains:

    • Universal Remote Control 2 in 1

    • External Power Supply Unit 12Vdc

    • Jack to IR Cable

    • USB Extension Cable

    • 2 x Wi-Fi Antennas

    • 2 x "ΑΑΑ" Batteries

    • Simple Start Guide EN/DE/GR


    • Case: Aluminum

    • Case Dimensions: (WxHxD): 7.1 x 1.6 x 5.5 inches (180 x 40 x 140mm

    • Case Weight: 1.5lbs (0.7 kg)

    • Case Color: Grey

  • Warranty: 2 Years


Special Thanks:

To everyone who was involved with TNAP. Thank you so much for making it easy for people in North America to be able to use some of the most advanced satellite receivers ever made. Thank you