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Product Image ClearConX CCFM360 FM And HD Omnidirectional Antenna 48-KM (30 Mile)

ClearConX CCFM360 FM And HD Omnidirectional Antenna 48-KM (30 Mile)




The ClearConX CCFM360 is an FM and HD omnidirectional antenna with a compact construction and reception of up to 48 km (30 miles). Due to this, it is intended to receive signals in the city and suburbs. It's simple to install thanks to the one piece design. Since this antenna will accept HD signals, it also allows you to listen to broadcasts in high definition sound. The maximum pipe diameter that this antenna can mount to is 2 inches.
• Enjoy not only broadcasts in standard sound quality, but also in high definition sound quality
• Picks up signals in all directions for a larger area coverage (up to 48 km/30 miles)
• Great for use in cities and suburbs with the smaller design
• Has a one piece design to make installation easy



  • Antenna Type: Omnidirectional
  •  Design: Turnstile
  •  Mountable Pipe Diametre: Maximum 2 inches
  •  Transformer: 75 Ohms
  •  Output: 300 Ohms
  •  Active Elements: 2
  •  Boom Length: 10"
  •  Turning Radius: 41"
  •  Element Diameter: 3/8"
  •  Maximum Width: 67"
  •  Box Contents: Antenna Assembly - Matching Transformer - Mast Section - Mast Clamp - Mast Clamp Insert - U-Bolt - 2x Large Flange Nut for U-Bolt - Small Flange Nut - Small Screw