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Product Image ClearConX CCCD24 Outdoor VHF/UHF 72-km (45-mile) Directional Antenna

ClearConX CCCD24 Outdoor VHF/UHF 72-km (45-mile) Directional Antenna




This outdoor VHF/UHF directional antenna will pick up VHF and UHF signals from a span of about 30 degrees in a range of up to approximately 72 km (45 Miles).
The ClearConX CCCD24 is a directional antenna designed to be used outdoor. It has an estimated range of 72 km (45 Miles) and can receive both VHF and UHF signals at roughly 30 degrees wide. The reception range of each signal is different, as VHF is 48 km (30 miles) and UHF is 40 km (25 miles). With this antenna, you will be able to tune into channels 7-69.


  • Without charge, you are provided with all the highest rated television shows in high definition
  •  Will receive signals about 30 degrees wide
  •  Antenna Type: Directional
  •  Estimated Range: 72 km (45 miles) on the VHF / UHF band
  •  Active Elements: 28
  •  UHF Elements: 17
  •  VHF Elements: 11
  •  Boom Length: 65"
  •  Element Diameter: 3/8"
  •  Turning Radius: 43.25
  •  Width: 35"
  •  Channels: 7-69
  •  Box Contents: Antenna - Mounting Hardware