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Product Image ClearConX CC3671 Outdoor High Gain UHF/VHF/FM HD Directional 100-km (62-mile) Antenna

ClearConX CC3671 Outdoor High Gain UHF/VHF/FM HD Directional 100-km (62-mile) Antenna




Designed in Canada for harsh climate high gain performance. The ClearConX CC3671 is a high gain long range outdoor TV antenna which receives UHF, VHF, FM and HD signals. This antenna has a signal range of 100 miles and will pick up available local channels 2 thru 69. The CC3671 is perfect for individuals in weak signal areas that require a high gain TV antenna. With an HD television you will pick up any crystal-clear HD signals being broadcast in your area.
The ClearConX series of TV antennas offers exceptional gain across the entire bandwidth, making it the antenna of choice in those weak signal areas. ClearConX include VHF/FM and U/V/FM models. To receive OTA HDTV this Antenna is best for deep fringe areas with a weaker signal.
Double boom truss construction on larger ClearConX keeps elements in line and prevents antenna sagging even under heavy ice loads. High-strength Truss Boom Braces reinforce the double boom and prevent structural distortion.
• Spun boom ends offer stability in high winds and prevent annoying wind whistle
• All aluminum phasing crossover harness for years of excellent reception
• Drop wing directors, corner reflector and folded UHF dipoles for extra UHF gain
• Insulating spacers prevent shorting and keep all elements working in perfect unity
• Reinforced element sleeves for added strength at greatest stress points on long elements
• Heavy-duty rear elements for greater strength
• Long lasting ABS insulators for support even in hurricane strength winds
• All ClearconX antennas come with a FREE outdoor balun kit. The kit allows the antenna to be connected directly to a 75 ohm down-lead
• UHF 60+ Miles designed for real deepest fringe very directional antenna great for stacking with another ClearConX product like the ClearconX CC4BBT or CC8BBTwhen trying to receive multiple towers and one tower being in the deepest fringe and hard to receive with the bow-tie technology
• This is a Large Directional antenna and yields a beam width of about 30 degrees
• Includes hardware for mounting to a mast, and 75ohm transformer for coax connection



  • Channels 14-69
  •  ATSC 3.0 compatible
  •  receives digital & analog UHF/VHF/FM TV signals
  •  VHF 100+ Miles
  •  Extreme Deep Fringe Rated
  •  Size: 173" by 110" (L x W)
  •  95.75" Turning Radius
  •  61 Elements
  •  75-ohm RF coax output
  •  Box size: L 84.5" H 8.5" W 8.5"
  •  RG-6 cable is recommended
  •  Mast not included
  •  Box Contents: CC3671 - Mounting Hardware - 75 ohm Transformer