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Product Image Boss Audio Systems BOLT Portable Bluetooth Speakers with TWS- True Wireless Stereo (Pair)

Boss Audio Systems BOLT Portable Bluetooth Speakers with TWS- True Wireless Stereo (Pair)




Audio streaming [A2DP] is an audio protocol of Bluetooth technology. This profile allows for audio to be streamed wirelessly from your compatible device, such as a Smartphone, to the source unit so you can enjoy your favorite music or streaming music service such as Pandora or Spotify, wirelessly.
The Aux Input allows you to connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 Player or Smartphone so you can enjoy your music through your system.
Allows our Bluetooth equipped source units to make wireless hands-free calls when paired with a Bluetooth equipped Smartphone. Communicate via the built in microphone on most of our units [or external microphone if provided] and listen thru your car’s speakers.
IPX is a rating standard indicating a product’s level of protection against water. It ranges from no protection (IPX0) to water splashing against the enclosure (IPX4) to complete immersion in water (IPX8) and close-range, continuous high pressure, high temperature spray downs (IPX9K). The products we test and rate have been designed with activities of the user in mind.
The SD Memory Card port will support a full size SD memory card to 32 GB and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing (on source units equipped with a monitor). Most units support full size SD cards but there are a few that only accept micro SD cards.




  • Sold in Pairs
  •  Bluetooth Connectivity with 33 ft. Range
  •  TWS- True Wireless Stereo (Link and Play Both Speakers Simultaneously)
  •  Play Music with a USB /SD
  •  Built-in Rechargeable Battery, up to 12 Hours of Playback
  •  Built-in Emergency Flashlight
  •  IPX4 Waterproof Design